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Paris metro line 13

The Paris metro line 13 links Châtillon-Montrouge (south) to Asnières-Gennevilliers les Courtilles (nord) and Châtillon-Montrouge to Saint-Denis-Université (north). There is a common section until la Fourche station.
Those stations hold the name of the towns that the metro serves,  they are located on the Parisian suburb, however this subway goes through some arrondissements of Paris.

The journey trip:
-to Asnières lasts around 36 minutes and 37 minutes the other way.
-to Saint-Denis around 38 minutes and 40 minutes the other way.
The Paris metro line 13 is overloaded by an important traffic of travelers.

The first departures occur from the major terminus at 5:30am, except from Châtillon to Asnières, the departure is at 5:35am. There are no other first departures from other stations (only from the 3 terminus).

The Paris metro 13 last departures are:
-to Asnières is at 00:40 am on the week.
-to Saint-Denis is at 00:37 am for the week.
-from Asnières is at 00:37am for the week.
-from Saint-Denis is at 00:36am for the week.
On friday-saturday night, saturday-sunday night, day before holiday-holiday, the lasts departure occur generally 1 hour later compared to the week (except to Asnières, it's at 00:46am).

At the ''fourche station'' there are directional signs for a special station with 3 quays, on 2 levels.

The frequency of the Paris metro line 13 is around 2-3 minutes before 8:30pm, and 5 minutes after 8:30pm, for the week and for the common section.
The frequency  from/to Asnières to/from La fourche and from/to Saint-Denis to/from La fourche, are the same, 4-6 minutes before 8:30pm, and 9-10 minutes after 8:30pm, for the week.

For the week-end and for the the individual sections, the frequency can reach 12 minutes, after 8:30pm.
- it's a range of 6-7 minutes between 7:30am-8:30pm, between 9-12 minutes otherwise.
-there are more trains for the common section, the frequency is around 3-5 minutes.  

To visit Paris by the subway line 13
At Saint-Denis Porte de Paris, you can go to the Stade de France.
You can walk and go to the Champs-Elysées, visit the Grand and Petit Palais and also go to the Gare Saint-Lazare.

With the Paris subway map you will have a better understanding of the Paris metro line 13 while visiting Paris.

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