Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paris rer map

When refering to the Paris rer map, we talk about the different RER maps which include, the rer a map, the rer b map, the rer c map, the rer d map, the rer e map and  the rer maps which gather every single Paris rer map.

Here you will find the printable pdf Paris rer map for each line, click on the images:

RER A map

RER B map

RER C map

RER D map

RER E map

Also, you have the Paris rer map pdf format showing all the different pay zones. You can only use your ticket t+ in the zone 1. The Paris zones map is an important map to help you avoid fines in case of controls.

You can choose to print a Paris rer map showing the different connections with the metro and  tramway, you can use the Paris subway map above (pdf format).

You can find the rer a map, rer b map, rer c map, rer d map, rer e map, the Paris subway map as well as the Paris zones map on the Ratp website and Transilien site.

Sources: Ratp -Transilien

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