Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paris metro-M2

The Paris metro line 2 connects Porte Dauphine (west) to Nation (east) station.
Porte Dauphine is located on the 16th district of Paris, Nation is located on the boundary of the 11th and 12th district.

The trip between those two terminus lasts around 33 minutes from Porte Dauphine to Nation and 35 minutes from Nation to Porte Dauphine.

The first departures occurs:
-from west to east, at 5:30am from Porte Dauphine, at 5:30am from Charles-de-Gaulle- Etoile, at 5:32 from Place de Clichy.
-from east to west, at 5:30am from Nation, at 5:34 from Jaurès, at 5:37am from Belleville.

The last subway leaves Porte Dauphine to Nation at 00:42am, and leaves Nation to Porte Dauphine at 0:40am, during the week.

Summary of the Paris metro line 2 between the two major terminus.

Porte Dauphine to NationNation to Porte Dauphine
First departure5:30am5:30am
Last departure0:42am*0:40am*
*The last departure is 1:42am for those 2 stations on friday-saturday night, on saturday-sunday
night, as well as on public holidays (between the night before the holiday and the holiday day).

The frequency of the train depends on the time of the day and/ or the day of the week, it can be from 2 to 10 minutes.
Before 7:30am it's between 4-7 minutes, between 9:30am and 8:30pm, it's around 3 minutes and after 8:30pm, the frequency reaches 6 minutes and more, for the week.
For the week-end, the frequency is less.
It can reach 10 minutes on friday-saturday night, on saturday-sunday night and on public holidays night.

Place to visit with the Paris Metro
*The Charles-de-Gaulle -Etoile station allows you to go to the ''Champs-Elysées avenue'', ''Arc de Triomphe de L'Etoile'', well known touristic attractions.
*To visit the ''Moulin Rouge'' you may stop to the blanche station.
*At pigalle station you can go to the Pigalle area.
*Anvers will allow you to visit and take the funiculaire to go to the Basilica of Sacred Heart and the Butte of Montmartre.
*Barbès-Rochecouart is the station to go to ''Tati'' (famous discount retailer with its logo navy and pink). 
*If you plan to visit the ''Cimetière du Père Lachaise'' by the Paris metro line 2, you may stop at Philippe Auguste station (you will have to walk a little bit) or at Pere Lachaise station.

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