Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paris subway map pdf

The Paris subway map will help you find your direction in the Paris subway.
By line, it shows you the different directions and connections (without details), the entire map is a mixing of all the maps.
Also, there are no Paris subway map in English, however this won't prevent you from visiting Paris, the french map and the different signs in the metro are easy to understand.

Here are the Paris subway maps pdf format:
Paris metro map line 1 pdf -          
Paris metro map M2 -             
Paris metro map line 3 -         

Paris metro map M3-bis pdf - 
Paris subway map M4 pdf -
Paris subway line 5
Paris metro map line 6

Paris metro map line 7 pdf -
Paris metro map M7-bis pdf -
Paris metro map M8 -

Paris subway map M9 pdf -   
Paris metro map line 10 pdf -
Paris metro map M11 -

Paris subway map  line 12 pdf - 
Paris metro map line 13 -
Paris metro map line 14 -

The Paris subway map of the entire network will show you all the connections, between the metro, rer and tramway. The black signs (like a spanish tilde ñ) (close to the 2 different colors) show the limit area beyond which you can't use a single ticket t+ for the rer. The white signs (small and large) are hubs.
Paris subway metro map with connections

If you don't have a map already printed, you can pick one at the entrance of the different Paris subway stations while visiting Paris.

*there are signs alongside the metro to guide you regarding exit and connections.
*don't forget there are no Paris metro maps in english

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