Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paris train stations

The Paris train station Gare du nord is located on the zone 1 of the network, so you can use your ticket t+, for the rer (within the zone 1) and/or the metro (wherever you go, there is no limitation zone for the metro) to visit Paris.

The train station is located on the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

The entrance hall allows you to access the ''train grandes lignes", Thalys, TGV and to access the Eurostar terminal (level 1).
In the north, the Paris train station Gare du nord is entirely opened to welcome the traffic.

The south of the principal hall gives access to some stations bus, you can find at this place stores and counters.

In the west side, there are access to catch a taxi; it's also the direction to the Eurostar platform in the first level (it's a secure zone, England doesn't belong to the Schengen area).

If you plan to visit Paris by the Parisian metro and the RER, you may choose to go by the east side of the entrance hall of the Paris train station. Here is the regional underground gare.
You will have access to the RATP bus terminal, a partially covered train platform (francilien), and also the RER B, the RER D, the Paris metro 4, the Paris metro 5 located on the basement.
You will find on your way the entrance turnstiles, and there are also the billeterie Ile-de-France, those are the vending machines to buy your different tickets to visit Paris by rer, metro, tramways and bus.

Two halls connect the Gare du nord railway station to the Gare de Magenta, the RER E station.

You will find also different tickets machines, depending on the transportation service that you use, in the Paris train station Gare du Nord.

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