Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paris metro 11

The Paris metro 11 connects Châtelet (straddles the 1rst and 4th arrondissements of Paris, in the south-west) to Mairie des Lilas (town of Lilas in the north-east).

The entire journey lasts around 16 minutes. The Paris subway serves only 13 stations, it's one of the shortest line of the network.
From west to east, 1 first departure occurs at Châtelet station at 5:30am.
In the other direction, 2 first departures, 1 at Mairie des Lilas at 5:30am, the 2nd one at Place des fêtes at 5:31am to Châtelet.

The last departures between the two major terminus are respectively at 00:59am to Châtelet and at 00:56am to Mairie des Lilas.

The frequency of the Paris metro 11, for the week is, before 7:30am around 4-5 minutes, between 7:30am and 8:30pm it's around 2-4, and after this hour, it's around 5-6 minutes.
The frequency are less on saturday and sunday and can reach 10 minutes on some nights (friday-saturday, saturday-sunday, night before holidays-holidays).

Places to visit with the Paris metro 11
At Châtelet station you can visit the forum des Halles.
Rambuteau station allows you to visit the Centre Georges Pompidou.

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