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Paris garden, Jardin Atlantique

History and description of the Paris garden "Jardin Atlantique"

The Jardin Atlantique is a Paris garden built above the railways station of Paris- Montparnasse.
The hanging garden, unusual and futuristic, was built in 1994 with an area of 3.4ha (34 200 m²). It's surrounding by buildings.

The Garden is built on the theme of ocean (waves wavy, masts, floating ...), with a playground focus on this theme as well as the central lawn.
In the central lawn, there are two rows of trees, from countries located both sides of the Atlantic.

In the center, there is the fountain of "l'île des Hespérides" dedicated to the sky.

The Paris garden houses also a fitness area, tennis courts, table tennis.
Facing the garden, there are the Memorial du Marechal Leclerc de Hauteclocque and the Museum Jean Moulin.

Jardin Atlantique from above
Credit photo:Slazebni

Location of the Jardin Atlantique

The Jardin is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

How to get to the Paris garden

To go to the Paris garden you can go by the Paris metro line:
Line 4, line 6, line 12 or line 13- Montparnasse-Bienvenue station.
Line 13 -Montparnasse station or Gaîté station.

It's also the terminus of the bus 91.

Paris garden "Jardin Atlantique" map

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