Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paris park, Parc André Citroën

History and description of the Paris park "Parc André Citroën"

The Parc André Citroen, named after a french industrialist, was built on the former site where was located the Citroën car factory.

The park has an area of 14 ha and was inaugurated in 1992.
In the park, you will find a huge balloon, which is the major attraction. Paris visitors can enjoy the park by taking a ride at 150 meters above Paris.
The park also hosts two huge greenhouses with exotic and Mediterranean plants, as well as several thematic gardens (Jardin Sériel).
Water is omnipresent in the park, with a large canal and water-jets.

Location of the Paris park

The park is located in the XV arrondissement of Paris.

How to get to the Parc André-Citroën

You can use the Paris metro line 8 Balard station.
A second choice can be the Lourmel station (Paris metro line 8).

You can use the Paris rer line C, Boulevard Victor station.

Opening hours of the Paris park

It's a free-admission park, the opening hours are:
at 8am on the week and 9am on the weekend.
The closing time depends on the season:
from 5:45pm (winter) until 9:30pm (between May and august).

Paris park "Parc André-Citroën" map

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