Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paris park, Parc de Bercy

History and description Paris park "Parc de Bercy"

The Paris park "Parc de Bercy" is located on former wine warehouses (entrepôt de Bercy), this place was the largest mondial center of wine trade in the XIXth century.
The activities of the warehouse began to drop in the 20th century with the destruction of the fortifications of Thiers (1920-1929).

Today the park reaches an area of 14ha, one of the largest of Paris.
The Parc de Bercy is formed of 3 parts: the "Prairie", the "Parterres", and the "Jardin Romantique".
*The Prairie (the Meadows) is a large area with large trees.
*The Parterres (the flowerbeds) is dedicate to plants (a garden, an orchard, an orangery, a greenhouse, garden bulbs, a vineyard, a rose garden...).
The rose garden houses 100 hundred selection of roses.
*The Jardin romantique (Romantic Garden) is the most famous among the three, with 3 fishponds with ducks, pines, well, an island on a small lac (Maison du lac-Lake house)...
Near the exit, a small dune was constructed, it can be reached either by stairs or by a spiral path.

Location of the Parc de Bercy

The Parc de Bercy is located in the 12th district of Paris.

How to get to the Paris park

You can use the:
-Paris metro line 6 Bercy station
-Paris metro line 14 Bercy or Cour Saint-Émilion station.

Entrance fee and opening hours

The opening hours are 8am on the week, and 9am on the weekend.
It's a free-admission Paris park.

Paris park "Parc de Bercy" map


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