Monday, October 3, 2011

Square Saint-Lambert, Paris park

History and description of the Paris park "Square Saint-Lambert"

The Square Saint-Lambert was built in 1933, on the site of the former gas factories of Vaugirard. Those factories was stretch on an area of 6 ha.
The Square Saint-Lambert, the buildings around the Paris park, and the Camille See high school replaced the plant.

Today, the square has an area of 2ha (20 745 m²), with two large lawns surrounding a pond with fountains.

Deux cubs (Victor Reter-1928):

Creative commons

Dog (René Paris-1928):

PARIS STATUES 01,03,08 015
Creative commons

A bas-relief (Auguste Guénot en 1939)

Location of the Square Saint-Lambert

The square is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

How to get to the Paris park

To go to the square, you can use the Paris metro line 8 Commerce station

Paris park "Square Saint-Lambert" map

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