Friday, April 8, 2011

Paris pass (mobilis)

The Paris pass (Mobilis) allows you to travel within the zone chosen for an entire day, in the Iles-de-France transport network.
The zone goes from the zone 1 to the zone 6 (zone 1 to zone 2, zone 1-zone 3, zone 1 to zone 4, zone 1 to zone 5, zone 1 to zone 6).
You can use it to travel by metro, rer, bus, tramway, train (except filéo, voguéo), Orlyval, Orlybus, Roissybus, Orly et Roissy par RER.

Mobilis doesn't give you access to the different airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly), you may choose the Paris Visite.
It's is a coupon, you have to write your last name, first name and the date on it. On the coupon it's written the zone within which you can travel. This pass is personal and can't be lent, it's also non refundable and non exchangeable. You have to validate it like other Paris pass when you use the metro, rer, tramways, Paris and its suburbs.
Paris is always included in the ticket. To choose this one which fits your need, take into account your location and your tourism planning, be careful that your zones are included in your ticket.

How much cost the mobilis? 
price on 1st july 2010

1 to 2
1 to 3
1 to 4
1 to 5 
1 to 6 

Where can I buy the Paris pass mobilis?
You can buy it on ticket machines, at the ticket counter of stations, tramways, RER, Bus stations and from approved retailers partners, in Paris and Iles de France.

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