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Charles de Gaulle airport

Charles de Gaulle airport is the biggest french airport by size and number of travelers and the second largest hub for Europe.

Where can I change my currency?
At the airport you will find several foreign exchanges point (Travelex) to purchase or sell some euros and travelers checks. You will find also other products like western union or prepaid phone cards and also ATM machines (HSBC).
Be aware that the french ATM machine works with a smart chip credit card.

Where can I have some informations?
You can go to the information counter or to the tourist desks on the airport, they will provide you with useful informations, maps, special tickets and passes to use for your transportation and your activities.

However the tourists desks are more incline to reply to tourists questions, there are 4 spaces available and are located right after the baggages claim locations. 3 are located in terminal 2 and the last one is in terminal 1.

Where can I buy tickets at Charles de Gaulle airport?
You can buy your RER ticket by following the signs ''Paris by train-RER B''. you will need a smart chip credit card if not you will need some euros cash.

In the ticket machine you need  either your smart chip credit card or euro coins, if not you can go to the ticket office to buy your ticket. The ticket price (ticket origine-destination) is 8.70€ on  july 1, 2010. Keep in mind that you need it to get out of the RER.
Your RER ticket can be used for a connexion to the metro also.

Be careful also to not queue in front of the long line ticket office, it's for trains for Europe or other cities in France.

If you arrive by terminal 1 you will have to catch the CDGVAL to go to terminal 3 or 2 to buy your ticket.

How to change terminal? 
One of the options is to choose the ''CDVVAL'', this metro rail works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and is free.
It goes through the terminal T1, the PR car park, terminal 3, the PX car park until the terminal T2 in 8 minutes.
The frequency of rotation is each 10 minutes from midnight to 1:00am, each 20 minutes from 1:00am to 4H30am and each 4-5 minutes from 4h30 am to midnight.

Par Hektor via Wikimedia Commons

T1----2mn----PR park----2mn----T3----2mn----PX park----2mn----T2

To catch the CDGVAL you must follow the different signs ''CDGVAL airport shuttle'' or the footpath if you are on the cars parks.

Also you have a second CDGVAL line in Charles de Gaulle airport which links terminal 2E and Satellite s3, it's also free.

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