Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum pass gives you the possibility to visit more than 60 museums (only permanent collections) within Paris and the suburb.

You have 3 versions (you can also buy 1 ticket for 1 entry):
2, 4 or 6 days consecutive days.
This ticket, as soon as you type the starting date on the back, is activated. The counter is by day, whatever hour you choose to start your visit. For example, If you start your visit at 4pm, it's 1 day. So it's better to activate it the morning and start your touristic visit. You are free to use your ticket as much as you want. Once it's activated, the counter runs, even if the museum is closed, this day is counted like 1 day.

Where can I buy a Paris Museum Pass?
You can buy the ticket on the airport directly, at the tourist informations area for Orly (Terminal Orly-sud gate L.) and Charles de Gaulle airports when you arrive. You can purchase them on the participating museums and monuments, the ''offices of tourisms'' in Paris, the Carrousel du Louvre Tourism Information....

One more interesting it's that you don't have to queue for visiting the museums or monuments.
You will have a free and unlimited access (within the validity of the ticket) for monuments and permanent collections.

If you have more questions concerning the Paris Museum Pass, or would like to buy a ticket online please visit this website.

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