Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Orly to Paris by train-part 1

Orly airport is the second busiest airport in France after Charles de Gaulle airport, and going from Orly to Paris by train can be sometimes tricky for new travelers.

Orly airport is mostly used for national flights and european flights, around 70% of the destinations and possesses 2 terminals (Orly-south and Orly-west).

How to go to Paris by train?

1) Via the RER C
Take the shuttle bus ''Paris par le train'' (Entrance F for the terminal south and entrance G arrival level for the terminal west) which stops at ''pont de rungis aéroport d'Orly'' and from there, take the RER C direction Montigny-Beauchamps (name of the train: GOTA) or direction Pontoise (name of the train: NORA). 
The shuttle bus + fare REC C = 6.3€ (valid on july 1st, 2010). The RER C train is the cheapest way to go from Orly to Paris.

You can buy the ticket at the vendor machine at the terminal south and west, if not you can buy it onboard, it's possible to buy only the shuttle bus ticket at 2.5€.
The shuttle runs every 15 minutes from 4h34am until 0h49 am, valid on september 1st, 2010.

The trip will last more than 35 minutes to Châtelet-les-Halles (depending of your waiting time for the RER C). You can use also your pass navigo (zone 1-4).

‘’Paris par le train’’
ORLYEntrance F (south)
Entrance G-arrival level (west)
FARE2.5€ (from airport to ‘’Pont de rungis-aéroport d’Orly’’ station) 6.3€ (from airport to Paris)
Pass navigo (zone 1-4) can be used
DIRECTIONTo ‘’Pont de rungis-aéroport d’Orly’’ station-Gota train toward Montigny-Beauchamp.
-Nora train toward Pontoise.
JOURNEY TIME1025 35-40 mn
SCHEDULE4h34 am - 0h49 am (every 15 minutes)
Orly to Paris by train RER C table

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