Friday, September 23, 2011

Paris park, Parc Georges Brassens

History and description of the Paris park "Parc Georges Brassens

Until the end of the XIIIth century, the hamlet Vaugirard housed the vineyard Perichot.
It was replaced, in the XIXth century by markets gardening, and from 1894 by the slaughterhouses.
When the slaughterhouses of Vaugirard was destroyed in 1974, the place became a park. It was designed by the architects Alexandre Ghiulamila, Jean-Michel Milliex and the landscape designer Daniel Colin.
The Parc Georges Brassens (8.7ha (87,000M2)) opened in 1985 and kept some architectural elements from the past:
-like the two sculptures of bulls (Auguste Cain, 1821-1894), located on both sides of the entrance, which originally adorned at the Trocadero garden.

or -the former Auction building of the slaughterhouse of Vaugirard

as well as the "Hall of horses" that was the point of sale of horses for the slaughterhouses.

Location of the Paris park

The parc is located on the XV arrondissement of Paris.

How to get to the of the Parc Georges Brassens

You can use the Paris metro line:
Line 12 Convention station.
Line 13 Porte de vanves station.

Opening hours of the Park

The park opening is 8am during the week and 9am on the week-end.
The closing hours depend on the season:
-between 5:30pm and 9:30pm.

Paris park "Parc Georges Brassens" map

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