Monday, September 12, 2011

Paris Square (the square séverine)

Description of the Paris square, the square séverine

The square Séverine, created in 1933, has an area of 23,537m2 (2.35ha).
It's is a pretty steep park which houses a wide variety of trees as the weeping Elm, European nettle tree, copper beech, Judas tree, ginkgo, tulip tree...
The square is located in the XXth arrondissement of Paris. It is elevated, with sloping lawns and green terraces.
It has several recreational areas and games for all ages such as a playground for children, a sandpit, a skatepark, table tennis, a sliding area and an auditorium...

How to get to the square Séverine

To go to the Paris square, you can go by the Paris metro line 3, Porte de Bagnolet station.

Opening hours

The square opens at 9h30am.
The closing hours depends on the season, it can be between 5pm (winter) to 8h30pm (from May to August).

The Paris square Séverine map

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