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Paris Park, Parc de Belleville

History and description
The Paris park, Parc de Belleville is a 45000 square meters park, it was created in 1988 on the heights of Belleville by the architect François Debulois and the landscape-designer Paul Brichet.

Parc de Belleville

In the former centuries, the park had been used for different purposes.
In the Middle Ages, many religious communities purchase areas on the hill, they plant some vines and harness the water to use for the vineyard.
Between the 14th and the 18th centuries, the place and its vine became famous, because of the taverns.
After the 18th, with the opening of gypsum quarries, blue workers came to work during the winter for the Haussman's constructions and for the summer went back to reap their own property.

In the 19th century, in the Paris park, there were houses on both sides of the stairs (on two of the stairs of the actual park), the owner was Julien Lacroix (a road alongside the park was named after him). Each year, on the hill was organized a vast festival for the Mardi-gras. People was gathering together, disguise themselves, enjoying each other, drinking, the last day of the carnaval and the hill was full of visitors.

For the 20th century, the housing became more modern, and the place of Belleville was born.

The hill is 30 meters above the ground, and from the top you have a panoramic view of Paris.

There are many trees and shrubs (1200), like some Sophoras, lindens, lilacs, catalpa as well as vines, you will also find on the Park de Belleville a water fountain ((100 meters, one of the longest in Paris) with jets of water.

Children can enjoy themselves with playgrounds, one of them is a wooden hut with steps, it has three levels, each accommodating children of different ages. You use the steps or stairs to go up and slides to get down.
You can find also an open theatre.

The Musée de l'Air is located in the Paris park, Parc de Belleville, the permanent exhibiiton invites visitors to discover the relationship between the living beings and the air of Paris. It addresses the problem of the pollution both locally and globally.

Location of the Paris park
It's located in the XX arrondissement of Paris, the 47th rue des Couronnes 75020 PARIS.
To go to the park, you have plenty of access: rue des Couronnes, rue Piat, rue Julien-Lacroix, rue Jouye-Rouve.

How to get to the Parc de Belleville
To visit the Paris park, you can go by the Paris metro line:
-Paris metro line 2- Couronnes station or Belleville station
-Paris metro line 11- Pyrénées station or Belleville station
You can also stop at Belleville station however you will have to walk a little bit.

Entrance fee and opening hours
It's a free admission park.
The Paris park is opened every day at 8am during the week and 9am on weekends and public holidays.

-until 5:45pm from the first day of winter to the end of february
-until 7pm from the 1st of March to the first day of spring
-until 8:30pm from the first day of spring to the end of April
-until 9:30pm from May 1st to August 31
-until 8:30pm from September 1st to September 30th
-until 7:30pm from October 1st to the beginning of the winter.

Paris park, Parc de Belleville map

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