Friday, July 15, 2011

The Louvre

Here are some pictures of the Louvre entrances, the Louvre museum is a one of the largest museum of the world, located in the 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris (first arrondissement of Paris).
To go to the Louvre by the Paris metro line you can stop either at Palais-royal-musée du Louvre stop or Louvre-rivoli stop. 

You will find below some pictures to guide you to the museum entrances by the Paris subway line.

Station Louvre-rivoli -Paris metro line 1
The station Louvre-rivoli will lead you  to the museum entrances.

Louvre-rivoli metro station

This picture shows the Paris metro station exit-entrance, and behind on the left, the Sully entrance.

the Louvre sully entrance

Sully entrance view:

the Louvre

Pyramide du louvre and Louvre museum- view at the sully entrance :

the Pyramide du Louvre

On the right side of the 2nd picture, after the entrance-exit Paris subway if you go straight, you will find the Richelieu entrance direction . It's also the same direction to  go to the Paris metro station Palais royal-musée du louvre  (Paris metro line 1 and Paris metro line 7) and to go to the Carrousel entrance:

the Louvre

Station Palais royal-Musée du Louvre (Paris metro line 1 and Paris metro line 7):
2 directions:- Louvre museum  entrance
-The Carrousel du Louvre entrance

Palais-royal metro station

Sortie Musée du louvre: entrances are on the right hand (Richelieu entrance):

Louvre museum entrance

After that you reach the Pyramide (check):

the Pyramide du Louvre

The carrousel du Louvre: 1 entrance (right corner):

Louvre entrance

Ticket purchase terminals (with credit card) in the Carrousel, those terminals are located direction restaurants:

Louvre ticket

Information office at the Louvre Carrousel entrance, you can find also some purchase terminals.

Carrousel entrance

To go to the Louvre museum, it's a little easier to go by the Palais-royal-musée du Louvre station direction richelieu entrance, compared to the Louvre-rivoli station (if you can't walk).
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