Friday, March 25, 2011

The Louvre Museum- Entrance

The Louvre Museum offers 4 entrances:
-The Pyramid entrance
-The Gallerie du Carrousel
-The Passage Richelieu 

-The Porte des Lions entrance

There are various cases and  things can be treacherous if you don't know what entrance to take: 

1- If you bought your ticket by phone with the Museum, you can pick it at the entrance (Pyramid entrance).If you bought it by one of the Museum Louvre partners (you have to check with them the different modalities to receive your museum ticket), you can't pick the ticket at the museum, and you must use the Passage Richelieu entrance.  

2- The Passage Richelieu entrance is for tickets holders, visitors who benefit from free admission, Friends of the Louvre, holders of the different carte Louvre (Louvre card), visitors who are members of partners organizations or companies.

3- The ticket holders (membership or visitors with advanced ticket) can enter the museum by the Gallerie du Carrousel, Passage Richelieu and the Porte des Lions entrances.

          4- Visitors without advance ticket or special pass must use the Pyramid, Gallerie du Carrousel and Porte des lions entrances of the Museum. 

          5- For disabled visitors and visitors with mobility impairments, they have the priority for the Pyramid entrance, they don't need to do the queue, they also have the priority for the other entrances.

          6- For groups, they can use either the Gallerie du Carrousel or Richelieu entrance of the Louvre. However for adults groups who have their own lecturer or guide, they can also use the Pyramid entrance after 6pm (the passage Richelieu is closed at 6pm).
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