Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eiffel Tower informations- part 3

Eiffel Tower picsHere you will find some Eiffel Tower informations to help you during your visit.

You may be aware that depending on the weather, some levels may be closed, so it's better to check the weather before buying a ticket.

Also, you can buy your ticket online until the day before visiting the Tower Eiffel, if you are concern about the weather. Buying it earlier increase your chance to go the day that you desire. So you will have to juggle between the weather, the availability dates and your availability.

One other thing to know, if you like skating, between december and february, it's possible to ice-skate on the first floor of the Tower Eiffel, at 57 meters (187 feet) above Paris. You will lended the skate (it's free).

Beside wonderful views, you will find also and depending on the level, souvenir shops (floor, first and second floor), buffet, restaurant, champagne bar, animations.
On the third floor, you will have a gorgeous view of Paris and will be able to take amazing pictures.

If you want to have some nice pictures of the Tower Eiffel, while visiting Paris, when you get out of the Paris metro line 6 or the Paris metro line 9, at the Trocadéro station, you follow all the directions indicated.

Below are some pictures of the Tower Eiffel:

Direction from the Paris metro line 6 and Paris metro line 9

Paris metro station

Paris metro station trocadéro

Different views of the tower Eiffel

Eiffel Tower pics

Eiffel Tower pics

Eiffel Tower pics

The Trocadéro station offers one of the best views of the tower Eiffel.
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