Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paris park, square Louis XIII

Description of the paris park "square Louis XIII"

In the XVIIth century, the place was the busiest of Paris, and was renamed "place des vosges" in 1799.
The first park built on this place were destroyed under the French revolution and built again in the XIXth century.

Today the square Louis XIII has an area of 12,706 square meters ans is located in the center of the Place des vosges.

In the square, there are 4 fountains and an equestrian statue of Louis XIII.
Louis XIII statue
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The fountains are fed by the Canal de l'ourcq and were built by the sculptor Jean-Pierre Cortot. As well as the statue which is a work of Cortot from a model of Charles Dupaty, and was installed in 1825.
You can also admire some crimean linden trees on the outskirts and some horse-chestnut trees on the center.



Location of the square Louis XIII

The square is located on the 4th arrondissement of Paris, place des Vosges.

How to get to the paris park

To go to the square, you can use the Paris metro line
-Chemin vert station (line 8) or
-Saint-Paul station (line 1)

Paris park "square Louis XIII map

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