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La promenade plantée

History and description
La promenande plantée (or coulée verte) goes from "Bastille" to the "Bois de Vincennes", it was created from 1988 by the landscape designer Jacques Vergely and the architect Philippe Mathieux.
It's a walkway (promenade) of 4.5 kilometers (2,8 miles) on the site of a former railroad which connected "la place de la bastille" to "la Varenne-Saint-Maur" since 1859.

The building started in 1988 and the inauguration took place in 1993.
While visiting Paris by the promenade plantée, you walk above the streets of Paris, you go through viaduct, bridge, tunnel, trench through eastern Paris.

The western part of the walk located above the viaduct for the Arts is accessible by stairs and elevators, in various parts of the avenue Daumesnil.
It's an elevated walkway, 10 meters above the avenue Daumesnil, which goes from the Opéra de Bastille to Jardin de Reuilly.It's reserved for pedestrians.

viaduc des arts above the promenade plantée
The Viaduc des Arts is designed for Parisian artisans, it's a building for arts forms.

The eastern part, down the street, is for pedestrians and cyclists.
Alongside the Promenade plantée, there are also several parks to visit, the jardin de Reuilly, the square Charles-Péguy, and the square Hector-Malot.

Location of the Promenade plantée
The park is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, 290 avenue daumesnil 75012 PARIS.

How to get to the park
The paris metro line has a lot of stations which allow Paris visitors to visit Paris by the promenade plantée.
The paris metro lines 1, 5, 8, bastille station - but also:

The paris metro lines 6, 8, daumesnil station.
The paris metro line 6, Bel-air station.
The paris metro lines 1 and 14, Gare de Lyon station.
The paris metro line 8, Montgallet station.

Entrance fee and opening hours
It's a free admission park, the operating hours are:
opening hours:
8am from Monday to friday, 9am on the weekend.

closing hours:
January: 5h30pm
February: 6pm
March-to April 15: 7pm
15 April to 15 May: 9pm
16 May to 31 August: 9:30pm
September: 8:00pm
October-December: 6:30pm

Promenade plantee map
promenade plantee map
Click on the image to have a larger view

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